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I can’t not photograph.

Simply put, I must photograph. It’s an integral part of who I am. I’ve always been this way. From the moment my grandfather handed me his Canon point-and-shoot and showed me how to load the film, until my senior year when I carried around a boxy, silver SLR, to the Polaroid that sparked my portrait studio career where I learned so much about composition and how to handle babies, families, cranky toddlers (and dads!)

Photography, like blood, courses through my veins.
Photography, like succulent fruit, nourishes my body.
Photography, like a zen-filled breath, soothes my soul.
I can’t not photograph.

Though my tools have changed over time, the fundamental principles of photography that are in me, have not. I pride myself in the art of composition, but I know that my photography journey has been a learning experience. I look back at old pictures, haphazardly snapped, and cringe. There are gems to be found, and I remember that this passion has been a part of who I am for many, many years.

No matter what I know that I will always be a photographer.

In 2007, I jumped back into photography with a self portrait Project 365. That year painted the portrait of the busy mother that I am. It also made me get creative with my subject, myself. The project morphed, but I remained true to picking up my camera (at least) once a day. As I went along, my love for documenting the day-in and day-out became paramount. I shared my creative spark as I was inspired by so many photographers, and, in turn, I had become an inspiration. To know that *I* was encouraging other people to pick up a camera and capture their beautiful, daily lives has been a true blessing to me.

My evolution continued through 2009 when I launched Mishelle Lane Photography. My repertoire includes portrait photography for families, children, couples, and individuals, event photography, and impressionistic art.

It’s been quite a whirlwind, but at the end of the day I am just happy to reach for my camera and take a walk in my backyard after a rainstorm. I’m happy to be documenting the busy lives of our family, no matter the paths we are traveling.

I photograph because I can’t not.


7 thoughts on “Meet Mishelle

  1. karla | looking towards heaven

    hi mishi!!

    I can’t find your email addy! I need to know if we can use your blissdom photos on a document going out to potential sponsors for the conference in Feb. If so, could you send me the images. I can’t grab them easily off of flickr, since they are protected,(from thieves like me 😉

    thanks so much sweetie!

    Again – you are a FABULOUS photographer. I could sit here and drool over all of the photos on your site.


  2. linda silverthorne

    Mishelle – These pics are awesome. I got a Canon Rebel XSi for Xmas and am playing around with it. Your work is something to aspire to! Very cool.



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