“Mishelle took my portraits the other day and they are the best I have EVER seen! I was so excited with them, I replaced all my pics in social media with them and am STILL bragging about them. Woot woot!”—Leah Segedie

“Many people take pictures — a special few can capture heart and soul with the lens — Mishelle Lane is one of them. Your talent, and the love that you put in to your craft is evident in every photograph!”
—Danielle Smith

“Mishelle has an exceptional eye for catching amazing pictures. The most basic scene will result in beautiful pictures. Keep up the great work Mishelle and I look forward to seeing more pictures from you. See you when you get back to Buffalo.”—Annetta Cvetkovski

“Ok so I HATE having pictures taken of me…no I take that back…I LOATHE it! But Mishelle took the most awesome pics of me at the Blissdom conference in Nashville last year. I loved them so much, I have often used them as my profile pic on Facebook….yeah…she made me look that good!”—Lisa Lehmann

“Not only is Mishelle’s art photography divine, but her portrait work is just as gorgeous. She has a wonderful way of making her subjects comfortable, bringing out the best in them. That is no small feat with young children. I feel lucky and honored to have Mishelle Lane Photography portraits hanging in my home and cannot wait until our upcoming family session!”—Nissa Hartman

“She’s amazing — and one of my photography role models! I do hope to be at least somewhat as good as she is one day.“–Heather Armel

“Mishelle’s photography is breathtaking. The angles and depths at which she takes her photos, draw you in like nothing else. She makes you feel something and I can only hope to become a fraction of the photographer she is.”—Lori Falcon